Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leadership Nuggets

I was going through some pictures on my laptop
and I found this picture. This particular picture
was taken last October as I was driving. Alright,
I know you're asking the question, "How was he
driving and taking pictures at the same time"?

Although, I took the picture in October I clicked
on it today and it really spoke volumes concerning
leadership. Here are some leadership nuggets:

  • Every great leader has to first be a great follower (servant).
  • Great leadership not only provides instruction but also direction
  • The steps of a great leader are visible, although their sacrifice can often be invisible.
  • Just when you feel like giving up there is someone around you that is counting on you to stay on course.
  • Progress will keep a leader encouraged as they are going through the process on their way to the promise.
  • A great leaders call is not just to effect change in their immediate generation, but it provides strength for generations to come.
  • Leaders provide mentor-ship that promotes true discipleship.
  • True mentor-ship is men being able to take a tour of the whats, the wheres, the whens, the whys, and the hows of a leaders journey.
  • The growth of a leader can be found within their willingness to keep moving in the midst of challenges.
  • The origin of leadership excellence begins when a leader understands that details matter.
  • Vision cultivates the passion necessary to complete ones assignment
I would really like to hear from you on this blog. This will provide others insight to see what you see from the picture as it relates to leadership.

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