Friday, April 24, 2009

Timothy Wright: The Life and Legacy

Gospel singer Timothy Wright

The Grammy-nominated gospel singer and song writer Timothy Wright has died at the age of 61. Many knew Wright by his upbeat songs and mass choir appeal that many choirs all over the world sang and patterned themselves after.

In July, Wright was in a car crash that killed his wife, Betty, and their teenage grandson. He was paralyzed from his chest down and was in rehab, but was determined to get back to what he loved to do. Thank God for the gift of Pastor Timothy Wright.

Some of his more notable songs included Certainly Lord, Come Thou Almighty King, I Won't Let Go of My Faith, Who's On the Lord's Side, Yes I'm a Believer, & Trouble Won't Last Always...just to name a few.
  • Were you ever in a choir/group that sang any of Pastor Timothy Wright's songs?
  • If you could take yourself back to that moment, what was your experience singing one of Pastor Wright's songs?

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  1. The Gospel Music has forever been impacted by the Music Ministry of Pastor Wright .. As i sit here and remember, one of his songs " Certainly Lord" was the first song that I lead in the children's choir ... Not to mention " Been there, Done that" was one of my all time favorites. Me being the Gospel music lover that I am. Im so glad that God allowed so many lives to be changed, encouraged and uplifted through the awesome life and Ministry of Pastor Timothy Wright !!
    I will keep his family lifted in my prayers !!