Friday, June 26, 2009

The Book Release: Find Purpose, Find Life

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Tonight is the release night of the much anticipated
book "Find Purpose, Find Life". For more information
about the book and to order on line visit

Here is a small excerpt from the book:

"When you are moving in the lane of true purpose there will
be the temptation to panic, because everything around you
is changing. It is the power of change that gives birth to
expanded capacity. The reason your life is changing is because
God is switching the scenery of your life to prepare you for
what’s to come. By disfiguring your environment, He leaves
you no point of reference, no crutch that will allow you to
ever be comfortable in that place again. It is in this place
of purpose that you say things like, “I’ve come way too far
to turn back now,” or “I’m on my back and the only way I can
look is up.” You have come too far in purpose to turn back
and too close to quit. Remember this: whatever you do, just
don’t give up!"

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