Monday, June 1, 2009

The Love Challenge
No, this is not an advertising pitch for 2010's Valentine's
Day! It is simply what it is, a 'Love Challenge'.

Love can not be characterized as true love until it is first
given away. Yes, love doesn't capitalize in taking but it is
centered around giving. One of the powerful elements in life
that many individuals overlook is the value of relationships.
Someone once said, "Relationships are the keys to one's future".
If that is a true statement shouldn't we be working towards
developing those relationships in our lives on an everyday basis.
In addition, our society is in a fragile place and can use individuals
to stand up and make a difference.

Well, that's where the challenge comes into play! Everyday, for
the next week you will be given a 'Love Challenge'. The goal
is to implement the challenge throughout the course of your day.
Remember, this challenge is for everybody (married or single).
You will receive your first challenge June 2nd by 9:00 a.m CST.

There are two things I will ask you to do: (1) Acknowledge that you
are accepting the challenge (2) Send the challenge to others you know