Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama: A Liar?

During a recent Presidential speech on the topic of
health care, South Carolina representative Joe Wilson
shouted at the president "you lie"! On Thursday, Wilson
offered a apology, but then turned around and released a
YouTube video defending what he did saying "On these issues,
I will not be muzzled, I will speak up and speak loudly..."

Of course, in America we have freedom of speech but...
  • Should this kind of behavior be allowed?
  • Should Wilson have some kind of consequence?
  • What do you think about Obama's health care proposal?


  1. There is a time and place for opinions to be aired and frankly, this was NOT the place for it. Everyone knows to turn down whatever music you may be blasting when entering certain areas, like hospitals and nursing homes. It isn't a sign that is posted or a censorship issue, it is a respect issue. Just like when Kanye said George Bush doesn't like black people. It wasn't what he said, but it was the appropriateness of when and where he said it. Joe Wilson can also consider himself a liar for apologizing and then not being remorseful about his actions. The truth of the matter is that these are all political tactics to prevent people from knowing the truth and seeing what is really important which is the issue at hand- health care reform. It is an indisputable fact that health care reform will not cover illegal immigrants- which is when Joe Wilson called the President a liar. Now we have a storm of people who know that somebody named Joe Wilson called the President a liar but how many people know about the issue and know how their own Representative feels about it. Opponents of health care reform are realizing that their ploys to scare people did not work and are now acting like children fighting on a playground. IL Representative Schimkus, an opponent of health care reform, also in an unprecedented act walked out during the President's speech for health care reform. This is ridiculous. There are people who are losing their jobs and thus their health care, who are going bankrupt because of medical fees and losing their homes, who are dying because of lack of health care! YES folks- in America! We treat our pets better than we treat our people. Does that make sense? To Joe Lewis- you are a liar for being in a position where you "represent" people yet you are not standing up for what people need and are demanding which is health care reform.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. There is a time and place to express your opinions; however, Joe Lewis' outburst was tactless and offensive. I felt the same way about the Middle Eastern reporter who chucked his shoes at President Bush. While I didn't always agree with Bush's policies, there is an appropriate way to voice your concerns without being disrespectful. When you disrespect the presidential office you also disrespect the citizens of the U.S. who freely elected the person to office.