Friday, March 20, 2009

God-Proofing Schools?

The Lakeview Elementary
School in Nashville,
Tennessee is the latest
example of God-
proofing within the
school system.

In a yearly event,
"See You at the Pole"
there were hand drawn
posters created by the
students and their families,
that school official ordered
to be altered. The school
officials ordered for the
messages on the posters
"Bless God in the U.S.A"
and "In God We Trust" to
be covered up before they
could be displayed
throughout the hallways.

The Alliance Defense Fund Attorneys
filed a lawsuit on the behalf of the parents
and students at Lakeview Elementary
School there in Wilson County. The lawsuit
states that the schools actions violates the
14th Amendment due process and the
Establishment Clause.

It was not many years ago that Madalyn Murray O'Hair
said that she didn't want prayer in the schools and the
world witnessed that in 1962 prayer was abolished from
the School System within the United States of America.

What is your stance on this subject? Should the words
"In God We Trust" and "Bless God in the U.S.A." be
allowed to be posted within our schools?

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