Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christian Dating: Is There Such A Thing?

TV anchor Kimberly Kennedy was madly in love with with a
man that she was about to marry when he left her at the alter.
From there a downward spiral of events occurred within her
life as she lost her career, health, and money.

She now has a new book entitled, "Left At the Alter: My Story
of Hope and Healing for Every Woman Who Has Felt the
Heartbreak of Rejection."
A common thread within her book is
that she identifies that she put her faith on the sidelines during
her time of dating. Kennedy says, "When you fall in love with
God, you can be assured of one special thing: you will never be
left at the altar. Instead, you will live with him happily ever
after. And the honeymoon will never end."

A few questions for you:

  • Do you believe in Christian dating?
  • Do you believe in soul mates? If so, is dating necessary?
  • What should the boundaries of Christian dating be?
  • Is o.k. to date someone that is outside of your faith/religion?
  • Is it o.k. to be intimate during Christian dating (kissing, holding hands, sex, etc.)


  1. Because I am in the middle of a 1 year consecration from dating, I feel first it is very important to get to know yourself along with your inner being (The Holy Spirit). This last six months has been very purposful because I have fell in love with God and made aware of the things that have been hinderances in past relationships. It is important to become whole before you offer yourself to another individual. I have learned what I like and don't like. I have formed a set of standards that will follow me from now on.
    To comment on the intimacy. I think it sends mix messages to the other individual. They may not be at the same place spiritually, and this may cause them to form an assumption that you are willing to go further, which in my opinion isn't acceptable. This consecration has not been easy, but I found some really awful things about my actions and character that I have had a chance to address, without complicating a relationship.

  2. Congratulations on your 1 year consecration. It brings to mind the process that Ester went through to prepare herself for the future. God's speed!

  3. I believe that Christians should date; with purpose. As it pertains to boundaries I believe tht if both persons are in agreement as to what actions the two will engage in whether it be kissing, holding hands, etc., it should be ok. I am in no means promoting premarital sex if both agree to commit that act but anything other than that with limits as it coincides with the Word of God is doable. As it relates to dating others outside your religion, I think it would be somewhat impossible to be in one accord if two faiths are at constant battle with one another. In my experience, missionary dating does not work! To speak of soulmates, I believe that God has ordained before the foundations of the Earth who we would be connected with. It is our job to seek God in the Holy Place because that is where our soulmate will meet us if we so desire.

  4. If we look in the Bible and look at some of the people that dated before they got married you would see the most important couple Joseph and Mary. You would have to believe that people knew that they where dating and going to get married because he wanted to put Mary away in secret when he found out she was carrying Jesus.

    Dating now a days has became so "Oh my God" really within the Christian community. If they see you out at the movies or eating with an opposite sex then "Oh my they must be sleeping together or doing something wrong."

    I think it's ok to be friends and go on a dates to learn someone. You have to know how someone acts out in public, do they blow their noise at the table, are they rude to the staff, what type of music do they listen too in their car, what type of movies do they go see at the theatre. you can ask these questions but to look good some may lie.

    I have seen to many people get married to the wrong people just because they go to church and I have lived a life to long doing everything but walking down a isle.

    The most difficult is turning your life around from a life that you knew displeased God, to live a life that you hope pleases God.

    And making sure your being careful to stay on the right path even with trying to wait for your husband or a man trying to find his wife.

    If you have had sex before and you are trying to live a life with out sex until you get married, while you are learning someone kissing becomes very dangerous. I do think holding hands is ok. but when you kiss, it can cause a ripple effect and get you into more trouble than where you want to be. you may start off kissing the side of the face but sooner or later you are kissing the lips and it's lasting longer and longer. Be careful.

    As I am also one of those who am waiting and has turned my life around to stop having sex. until I get married. So I know how hard the road is. People don't believe you and if they see you with the same person out and about more than once or twice then they begin to question what type of relationship you are having.

    All I can say is God knows those that are faithful and those that try and those who don't care.

    I do believe in Christian dating and I think that we as Christians have to know what we want or the devil will fool us and give us what we see and what we get is not of God at all.

    I think setting goals and seeing where the other persons mind is at. Do they read their bible, do they pray can they be head of a house.

    People say you can look at a persons past or at their mother or father and see what type of future they will have or how they will be. If that was true then their would be no need to get saved because our past would lead us to hell and their and no future in hell.

    Congradulations to those who have not been down a road like these and are still holding themselves for marriage.

    May God bless us that has turned our life around and have decided to try it again the right way and wait.

  5. This is and has always been a touchy subject. Growing up COGIC we were always taught that if you date, you don't date no more than 6 months. But I don't really agree with that. I think now days you really need to know as much as possible. Especially if you are courting someone who live out of town or state. Dating is key and I think people fail to realize that it is a two way thing you learn the other person, as well as yourself. Now I do believe that christians should only date to marry. If you know that the person you are dating is by no means a person you would marry, than neither party should waste their time. You should by no means date people outside of your faith unless one party is willing to convert, that's going into a marriage rocky. I do believe that there is a perfect will of God, and there is someone that you are divinely connected to, but you should still date them. To get to know them. I guess most people who date tend to hold hands and kiss. But you also have to have boundaries even in that. There should be a level of respect that both parties have for each other and also a personal level of self control the each person has for themselves. Over all I think dating is key before marriage, but it is how you date that matters

  6. god said my husband is at glory center!