Friday, March 27, 2009

Technology Sabbath: Take the Challenge!

WARNING!!! This may be one of the most difficult challenges
ever! :>)

Many individuals have grown accustomed to daily interaction
with various forms of technology like: The Blackberry, I-Phone,
Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, text messaging, emailing, and to
continue would take until tomorrow.

According to a survey taken in 2005, "Most Americans including
children, spend at least nine hours a day watching TV, surfing the
web, or talking on their cell phones. Of those hours, one-third of
the time is spent using two or more of those media at once."

So here's the challenge: Take a Technology Sabbath!
  1. Give yourself at least 24 hours to get prepared
  2. Notify individuals that you will be unplugging for 24 hours (this will eliminate their questions about you not responding immediately)
  3. Just DO IT! :>)
  4. Find alternatives to using technology (take a walk, start writing your book, do a bible study, meet a friend for coffee or tea, go to the library, have a family talk, journal)
*It's going to hurt bad but I will begin my challenge March 30 midnight. How about you? Send this blog to all those you know that would be up for the challenge.


  1. Im going to step out on faith with this one ... Im going to accept the Challenge.

  2. There's strength in numbers :>) Good to have you on board!

  3. I don't know...I have my cell earpiece in my ear, listening to music, and using my laptop to comment on this blog right now...Pray for me, I don't know if I can accept this challenge. :-)

  4. Well to further assist you in making the decision, I'll commit to not doing any C.D. Nesbitt blog posts the day of the 31st. How about that? LOL

  5. I will take the challenge I will pick a day where I don't have to do homework, and I have no problem (I think) turning off the cell phone or t.v.

  6. Whats up my friend? This is Dr. McCray from the Cali area. Nice challenge, I think I will jump on. Shalom

  7. I am on board!!! It is encouraging to have a Pastor that will be aboard and does not expect anything from his people that he would not do. Because of that, it is not hard for us to say "I Am In". Thanks.
    T. Fox

  8. I did the challenge and would have to say it was very interesting. I had to redirect myself several times. Which means to me that I have a habit just to check my devices or use them without even giving it any thought. I looked at it like what did I do before all of this technology? Well I made it, and now would like to make changes in regards to how often I am using these devices, and how much I depend on them. Thanks for the challenge.