Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fear of the Flu?

For the past week now, the media's top story all across the world has been what is known as the "swine flu." As of yesterday, there were 2500 suspected cases of swine flu in Mexico and 159 suspected deaths. The U.S. has reached 64 suspected cases of the swine flu with just 1 death reported.

To place things in proper perspective, 20,000 people die from flu related illness each year. Many media sources are suggesting that this outbreak has the potential to unfold into a major pandemic; but does it really? What many media sources will not take the time to say is that many Americans lived through the 1968 "Hong Kong flu" which was very mild and the 1976 "swine flu," for which the vaccine did more damage than the flu itself.

President Obama recently commented on the swine flu, saying that the outbreak warrants concern, but not panic. With that being said, how do you feel about the way the nation is processing the outbreak?
  • Are the media and public officials presenting the world with a dramatization of the flu, where facts and fear are beginning to intermingle?
  • What does the bible say about fear, and how can we implement God's word in times like these?
  • Have you taken any precautions since you heard about the flu outbreak?


  1. We are clearly in the last days, and with all things we need to pay this much attention and have concerns. With that being said, we also need to remember that these are World Kingdom issues and we are not under this same law. What we need to do is stay in prayer, no matter what epidemic, use our power, and not panic, and rejoice because He already paid the price for us. Don't get trapped up in the World Kingdom issues. They come to rob us of our focus. This week it's Swine Flu, next week it will be something else. We have to remain focused!!!

  2. As my grandmother use to say, if it's meant to be then it will be! It's best for us to remain prayerful and remember at all times to trust in our Lord & Savior.

  3. These are the days where God really desires to pour out his peace. The Body of Christ will be very instrumental in sharing basic truths that will bring "peace on earth". When crisis strikes our nation the Body of Christ should arise with an answer.