Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing To A Relationship

You are valuable and it's important to recognize that. In order to
maintain and increase the value upon your life it is in your best
interest to connect with people that will celebrate you and not
tolerate you. Whether the prospective relationship is platonic or
romantic. Ask yourself these five questions before entering into
that relationship.

1.) Is it Worth My Time?
Contrary to popular belief, money isn't the most valuable thing
one can have in a lifetime; time is! Remember this your not getting
any younger and you just don't have time to waste time at this point
in your life. Time is God's gift to us, but what we do with that time
is our gift to God.

2.) Am I Operating Out Of A Lopsided Perspective?
This is another word for the 'rebound syndrome'; you know
something to do because something else didn't work out. The
best thing to do after you've just had your emotions shaken by
a situation or relationship of the past is to take sometime and
"DO YOU"! You'll thank yourself in the long run.

3.) Do the Withdrawal's exceed the Deposit's?
In the banking institution, an overdraft occurs when there have
been more withdrawal's than deposits. Frankly, many relationship
look exactly like a bounced account; just flat out broke! Never
connect with someone that is taking and never giving. Remember
love gives, and lust takes! The people that you've got to have in
your life for this season must come loving you just for who you
are, and not for what you have.

4.) Is This A Past or Forward Move?
It would be surprising, to look back over your life and see the
cycle of insanity that persists in various areas. Insanity is
defined as doing the same thing over and over again, but
expecting a different result. Remember in order to get a
different result in your relationships ask yourself, "Does
this choice feed into a cycle or pattern within my life?"
Determine not to go backwards, it's time to move forward!

5.) Is This A Compete or Complete Relationship?
People that are for you never compete against you, but instead
understand that they have been sent to complete you! Watch
out for people that try to get within your enter circle too quickly,
they could be there to attempt to steal the greatness upon your life.
Relationship aren't a competition; they are for completion.

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