Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keys To Defeat Procrastination

Do you sense that greatness is on your life? Are you ready to
walk into your dream? Have you made up in your mind that
you're not going let anything stand in your way. Well, if that
the case, then it's time to talk about some practical ways to
get one of life's biggest enemies out of the way!

Here a few keys to defeat procrastination:

Key #1: Morning Can Happen At the Night Time of Life
The Latin meaning of procrastination is, "until the morning". Many
people wait "until the morning" of their lives to live out their dream,
and ignore the night-time moments before the morning. Remember,
it's not what you don't have that makes the difference, but it's
learning to use what you've got.

Key #2: Raise Your Standards
Don't allow yourself to settle in the place of mediocrity. Make up in
your mind that you will not accept anything less than the best for
your life.

Key #3: Connections Occur When You Make A Move
In traveling all over the country, I understand now that the only
way to catch a connecting flight is to move from the city that you
were last in. There is a lot of opportunity out there, but you have
to get off your seat of 'do-nothingness' and make a move. You
can't connect with anything or anybody sitting still, it's time to
get on the move. The next move is on you!

Key #4: Remember That Success is Intentional
No one just wakes up one morning and says, "Wow I have my
Master's Degree"! The truth of the matter is every accomplishment
that you will make in life happens through setting goals and releasing

Key #5: Train Yourself To Think Ahead
Don't wait for anyone to hype you or help you. In order to accomplish
anything great there has to be a measure of self-motivation down on
the inside of you! The key here is; seeing yourself in the future and
making the necessary sacrifices to get there.

Key #6: Stop Fearing Success and Don't Lean Towards Failure
Deprogram yourself from any negative apprehensions relative to
what you desire to ascertain. Remember, everything that you do
from now on; you've been destined to prosper at!

Words To Grow By

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