Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Remain Positive In a Negative Environment

It is not a persons surroundings that determine their success,
but instead the internal determination to persevere through
the circumstances of life.

When you are on a path for success you must have a made up
mind not to allow anything to deter you. Here are a few insights
to stick to 'plan A' and ignore the possibility for a 'plan B'.

Insight #1: Stop Eating Junk Food
Junk food is known for having no nutritional value. Frankly, there
are some associations and conversations that have no relational
value, and are nothing more than a waste of time. It is only when
you are in an environment, but are not willing to allow the junk
from your environment to become a part of your life, that you
will be able to maintain your pathway to success.

Insight #2: Remember Altitude Determines Attitude
We usually hear this statement read backwards, "Attitude
determines altitude", but it is the positioning of your thoughts
that frame your reality. A low level thought life produces a low
level reality, but a God level thought life produces God level reality.

Insight #3: Don't Get Trapped By Your Trap
Be careful to guard that little instrument right beneath your
nose. It is one of the smallest parts on the human body but
can make huge impact whether positive or negative. Remember,
think before you speak because you can never take back a word
that leaves your mouth. Words have the power to kill or heal;
it's your choice in how you use them.

Insight #4: Utilize Solution Oriented Thinking
It doesn't take a genius to identify a problem but it is definitely
genius to solve a problem. When there is dysfunction present in
a person, place or thing; the majority spend most of their time
talking about what's wrong, what they wouldn't do, and what
they think. None of that 'Problematic Oriented Thinking' will
bring change to the dysfunction at hand. We must shift from a
position of being reactive to being proactive. Next time you
have the opportunity to participate in 'Problematic Oriented
Thinking', don't waste your time speaking about the problem;
spiritual folks speak to problems.

Words To Grow By

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