Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is Racism Still Alive?

The incident with Harvard's professor and scholar Henry Louis
Gates Jr.
caused quite a stir this past week. The news of Gates
arrest was even spoken of by President Obama during Wednesday's
presidential address. Check it out...

What do you think about this situation? Furthermore, do you
believe that racism is still alive in America?


  1. Racism is still very much alive today. I believe that the way institutional systems have developed over the past few decades have made racism more covert, behind the scenes so to speak and not as blatant as it once was. Though businesses can't post "WHITES ONLY" signs, they can charge varying prices depending on the where their product is being sold and to what demographic it is selling to. There is evidence that food and clothing in rural minority areas tends to be higher priced and lower quality. Liquor stores and cash advance businesses pop up in low-income minority neighborhoods. Landlords have the rights to deny people "just because". These sorts of introverted racist institutionalism and the incident of Professor Gates is just a reminder that racism is very much alive and maybe even more dangerous now because it is behind the scenes. Lastly, I think of the discrepancies of our "justice" system. Michael Vick is sentenced for killing dogs and 4 white police officers who put over 20 bullets in a 14 year old teen in NY are acquitted? It is a sad reality that requires folks to be aware and educated, not paranoid, embittered, and hateful.

  2. Yes it is very much, just the other day me and the family decided to go run a few around west side park after dark and by time we finished the police had pulled up on us about 3 to 4 cars, the park full of people and began to question if we where really exercising in the park. After we left they never did go over to the park to clear it out.
    I thank God that I do have a God and that he is my watch as well as my keeper.

    And to say the least the one that harrassed us the most was the supervisor of the police department.

    So yes, did we feel like we where being picked out of the crowd, yes, do we forgive, even the more.