Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta coming back July 30th

To many the popular reality show seemed like it never
went off, but Bravo is bringing "Housewives of Atlanta"
back July 30th.

This season there is a change to the cast with DeShawn
Snow off the set and R&B singer and songwriter Kandi
Burruss as the fifth housewife. Many say that this season
will present more fireworks and drama than last season,
and the ratings are expected to sky rocket.

  • Does this show cast a negative stigma?
  • Are there any positive messages that the show portrays?
  • Is this reality show actual reality? Do women really behave like this?


  1. To have a reality show that is comprised of African-American women, and to depict that the only thing we do is gossip, fuss, and fight provides an unhealthy perception to society. Of course, most of the conversations and scenarios these women are introducing to us is scripted and all about boosting ratings, but it would be great to have a show that shares the lives of African-American women in a more positive light.

  2. I must confess; because of the person I am, I so love the glamour of the show but the women really need to grow up, too much childish play with all that "she said" mess. As far as the new girl, I would think she was too much of a real business lady with so much happening for her to be in that messy circle. They should all be embarrassed letting the world see this side of them...that is if some of it's not staged. But sad to say that mess really does take place in the lives of some, and to make it a show it's feeding too much into other messy people's minds that it's cool to be like this. I wish it was more of a postive show that would let our world see that it is possible for our women to be successful with out that unhealthy mess. Lina!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show! I think it is easy to judge when editors get to cut and paste what they are recording to maximize ratings. I also think it is easy to judge when you've never been in the situation. Granted, I agree that it is too much cattiness but money, divorce, children, being followed by a camera, competitive wealthy America brings pressures that I don't know about. Either way, I am tuned in to the show, even as a reminder of how NOT to act when I become a millionaire! I have a reminder on my phone set so I dont miss the show!!!